Avoiding the biggest threats to a secure retirement, with investment advisor Pam Prine

Pam Prine is a co-founder of Keystone Capital Management Group – an investment and retirement planning firm. In her near 20 years of working with women on preparing for retirement, she’s seen it all and knows women’s biggest fears around money. This episode is all about taking ownership of your future and combating that fear with knowledge!

Would you believe that per the 2019 US census, the average age of widowhood is 59? Retirement planning for women has special considerations. Women, on average, live 17 years alone after the loss of their spouse. Pam breaks down the two biggest potential pitfalls for women in retirement – long term care and adult children(!) 

You know how flight attendants tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first, before helping others? That is a perfect analogy when it comes to preparing for a comfortable, secure retirement (that does not involve moving into our children’s basements). This episode is a must listen for all women who want to set themselves up for success in their golden years! 

More resources from Pam: https://keystonegroupaz.com/
Pam’s book recommendation:  Women’s Worth: Finding Your Financial Confidence by  Eleanor Blaney

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