Investing and Building a Stock Portfolio Before High School Graduation? Why Not? Teen Investor, Entrepreneur and Author, Jack Rosenthal Shows Us How!

Calling all moms of teens and young adults! 

Does talking to your kids about saving and investing money overwhelm or intimidate you? In this episode, we interview our first teen male entrepreneur, investor and author! Jack Rosenthal,  an 18-year-old student at Babson College in Massachusetts, talks about how he founded the Young Investors Club, LLC, one of the largest teen investment organizations in the world with close to 100 members and over $115,000+ under management.  Jack has personally mentored 100+ students on investing and is considered an authority on teenage investing. He’s written three books and you’ll find he’s wildly passionate about inspiring teens on their journey to investing!

This conversation will have you eager to talk to your teens and young adults about the importance of investing and watching your money grow for years to come! It was truly worth a million! 

Here’s the link to Jack’s books: 

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