Accountant and Tax Strategist, Paris Banisaeid, Discusses All Things Taxes, Retirement and How Life as an Entrepreneur Gives You More Choices

Do taxes overwhelm you? With tax season upon us, we are thrilled to feature our first Accountant and Tax Strategist on this week’s episode.  Paris Banisaeid, @taxsavvyparis, shares tax tips and advantages of being a small business owner.  Whether you already own a small business or you are ready to start a business, or even just a side hustle, you need to hear this! 

Paris coaches her clients from the beginning that saving for retirement is as essential as their marketing expenses. In this episode, Paris stresses the importance of focusing on your financial path (not someone else’s) and how to carve out time to navigate your financial education. 

This conversation was worth a million and will inspire you to consider owning your own business, giving you a sense of freedom, confidence and pride.  AND, if you already own your own business, listen up to ensure you are capitalizing on a dollar for dollar reduction on your taxes!

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