Tackling Debt and Building Generational Wealth at the Same Time? Yes! Mommy and Her Budget Blogger, Chris Brown, Shows Us How!

Chris Brown is a young mom taking control of her financial future, and taking her followers along for the ride through her blog and YouTube channel, Mommy and Her Budget. Just three years ago, Chris was drowning in student loan and credit card debt, and pregnant with her first daughter. She dealt with her situation by making minimum payments and ignoring it, until an unpaid maternity leave made it clear something had to change.

Inspired to build a better financial future for her daughter, Chris buckled down, and committed to taking control of her finances. After sitting down and staring over six figures in debt in the face, she wrote her first budget, and her passion for personal finance began. 

Chris still has student loan debt, but prioritizes herself and her family by investing in retirement, brokerage accounts, real estate and her daughter’s higher education while steadily chipping away at it. Her story of building generational wealth WHILE tackling the debt that previously felt insurmountable is truly worth a million.

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