A Suitcase and a Smile The Story of Christina Gawlik: Why She Chose to Live a Traveler’s Lifestyle and How To Do It

After admitting she was addicted to consumerism, Christina Gawlik, was seeking change. In 2019, Christina sold all of her belongings except what fit in two suitcases and opted to embrace a nomadic lifestyle. With an open mind, she ultimately decided to move and lower her living cost while keeping the same income level. Also known as geoarbitrage. 


Christina Gawlik, Ph.D., is an entrepreneur, math content developer & consultant and now world traveler. In this episode, Cris gives us a step-by-step plan on how she accomplished COAST FIRE through saving, investing, and developed a business that generates passive income more than her annual cost of living without having to “work” it. This way of life gives her choices and time freedom. After years of being consumed by living paycheck to paycheck, she can now pursue other opportunities and sees a whole new world from becoming financially independent.  


Can you imagine a life traveling and living abroad? This episode will leave you inspired to consume less now so that you can dream about living among many beautiful places, like Belize.

  • Link to Christina’s  blog  here: https://christinagawlik.wixsite.com/asuitcaseandasmile


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