Travel for the Low with Fly.nanced Creator, Cinneah El-Amin

Is travel a love language? Based on how much many of us have missed it through the pandemic, we at Best Friends Finance think it is. We’ve never felt so ready to hop on a plane and hit the beach, so it’s the perfect time for a conversation with Cinneah El-Amin.

Known as Fly.nanced in the online personal finance space, Cinneah is a 26-year-old travel and financial freedom course creator. She’s visited nearly 30 countries across 6 continents, and is enjoying a debt-free life without limiting travel and adventure.

Cinneah shares her tips to “travel for the low”,  including her favorite sites for discount flights, Airbnb hacking, and making the most of credit card travel rewards. Only when you’re paying off your balances in full, of course! If you’re ready to get out there and see the world again, this episode is a must-listen! 



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