Attorney and Money Mentor, Delyanne The Money Coach, On Growing Your Net Worth After Years of Stagnation

Are you looking to get a leg up on your finances? Delyanne, Attorney and Money Mentor, coaches her clients on how to slay the stock market without feeling like it’s too late. In this episode, Delyanne shares whether you’re spending or saving money, every dollar needs a specific goal. It’s time to stop watching your net worth stay stagnant despite your income going up.

At 38, Delyanne discovered the FIRE movement and realized she could do so much more with her money. Now, she’s on track to retire in 7 years. Her goal is to inspire us to break away from the paycheck to paycheck mentality and level up how we think about our finances.  In ten short months, she paid off $110k left on her student loans and is positioning herself to be FI (financially independent) so that she can not retire early but RELAX by age 45.   She is living proof that you can reach your financial goals faster by focusing on your money and making an investment plan.  This conversation was worth a million and will inspire you to re-evaluate your retirement plan!

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Learn more about her course: Slay the Stock Market

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