How Couples Can Reduce Holiday Financial Stress and Still Create Holiday Magic with Sarah and Chris Helms

It’s no secret that Christmas is the most expensive holiday of the year. Not only can gifts be costly, but everything else is too!  From Christmas cards, to pictures with Santa, to matching PJs, to holiday parties, it’s easy to blow your budget. That’s why relationship coaches Sarah and Chris Helms say it’s essential to set expectations with your partner (and those grandparents) to avoid the conflict and anxiety the holidays can bring.

In this episode, the Helmses share their candid approach to avoiding “all things holiday” sucking the joy out of the season. It starts by having a new conversation with family and friends about the fact that more isn’t always better.  We discuss drowning out the more, more, more culture, focusing on what’s important to your family, and alleviating the pressure to overspend.  

This holiday season, give the gift of a stress-free holiday to your loved ones and still create holiday magic!


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