Your Game Plan to Control Holiday Spending with Holly of From Possibility to Actuality

Are you going over-the-top to create Christmas or Hanukkah magic for your family? There is no bigger budget-blower than the holidays! In this episode we chat with financial educator and YouTuber, Holly, about ways to save on gifts this season. From values-based gift giving to being an “eco-tentional” shopper, Holly’s tips will have you rethinking your holiday game plan.

And since we love a good money story, Holly also shares her journey to pay off $135K in debt, which she and her husband started AFTER she left her corporate career in high end fashion and slashed their income! Her secret weapon?  A budget, her favorite word, which created priorities and intentionality of habits. The plans they put in place allowed Holly and her husband to stay focused and continue to enjoy the things that are important to them.

This conversation is proof that while income is important, it’s not everything when it comes to paying off debt and reaching financial goals. YOU get to choose what you prioritize in life, even around the holidays, and build your budget and plans accordingly!

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