Our Relationship with Money from an Emotional and Spiritual perspective with Money Coach, Heidi Carter

Money Coach Heidi Carter helps women break their income records by creating a divine relationship with money without overworking and depleting themselves.  In this episode, Heidi shares why money is like a relationship and requires time and attention.  When you spend money, it’s essential to know what emotion you’re seeking.

We shifted the conversation to talk about how female entrepreneurs struggle with worthiness, fearing success and failure as they break through earning ceilings.   As our self-esteem grows, we can live out our life’s purpose and mission once we quit spending money on the things we kind of want and focus spending on the things we REALLY want.  It’s time to start saving for your big dream and know what part of spending creates a feeling of immediate abundance and confidence.  Are you ready to become a #moneywarrior? 

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