YouTuber Yanely Espinal, aka MissBeHelpful, Empowers Young Women with the True Definition of Wealth

Growing up in a low-income Dominican household in Brooklyn, Yanely Espinal learned very little about managing her personal finances. Despite her full scholarship to Brown University, she racked up both student loan and credit card debt paying for all the extras. So, when Yanely started working as an elementary school teacher in her early 20s, she committed to becoming debt free. She managed to put an unbelievable 50% of each paycheck toward her debt, and paid off $20,000 in 18 months!

After paying off her debt, Yanely realized could make that same commitment to herself and her future by aggressively saving and investing the amount she’d previously paid monthly toward student loans and credit card bills. As her passion for achieving her financial goals grew, it became clear to Yanely that women, especially young women, were not represented in personal finance. So, she started a YouTube channel called “MissBeHelpful” in 2015 to help young millennials avoid the mistakes she made.

MissBeHelpful now has nearly 50,000 subscribers. You’ll understand why as this warm, funny teacher turned financial educator shares her story and her insight with us!  

Find out more about Yanely and MissBeHelpful at, episode 35.


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