Ironman and Eco Challenge Fiji Competitor Sonja Wieck on Values Based Budgeting (When Your Passion Doesn’t Come with a Paycheck)

Time for another listener money story! Sonja Wieck is an endurance sports athlete, triathlete, and adventure racer. In fact, you can binge watch 10 episodes of her competing in The World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji on Amazon Prime now! 

When a huge financial hit that Sonja calls their “$32,000 mistake” rocked her and her husband’s world early in their marriage, they made extreme sacrifices to get out of debt. In doing so, Sonja discovered her true values in life and started making financial decisions guided by those values, rather than what others thought, or what her neighbors were doing.

Sonja and her husband are now debt free, on a solid financial path, and living a huge life of adventure while also maintaining financial goals. Join us to hear how identifying what’s really important has helped Sonja to manifest her dreams.

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