Amanda & Steve: From Polar Opposites to a Solid Team

Cohost Amanda’s husband, Steve, joins the BFFs to share his money story and what happens when a frugal-by-nature saver marries a spender who refuses to talk about money. Hint… it ain’t good. But there is hope! 

Amanda always thought she and Steve were financially stable by earning a good living and faithfully contributing to retirement. Steve was not as confident, and shares candidly how his attempts to get the family’s spending under control put Amanda on the defensive. Fortunately, after a decade of avoiding crucial money conversations, Amanda had a paradigm shift that made a big impact on both the family’s finances and their marriage. Don’t worry, Steve has had some personal growth, too. 

Not on the same page as your partner when it comes to money? It’s never too late to make an effort to understand each other’s money stories, communicate productively and without judgment, and make a change! 

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