Lara & Jeff Talk Reinventing Their Financial Lives Together

After host Lara lost her mom at a very young age, she and her husband Jeff have always lived in the moment. As a result, these high wage earners found themselves living a big life, but saving very little. Then Lara discovered the Financial Independence (FI) movement and decided there was a better way. She became a student of saving, investing and conscientious spending, and made it her mission to get Jeff on board.

Jeff joins us to talk about the money story he brought to the marriage, how Lara’s paradigm shift regarding spending and saving changed him, and how he and Lara work as a team with weekly “Path to Success” meetings. Together they’ve shifted from a “play before you pay” mentality to paying themselves first. Their results will leave you inspired to start the conversation with your spouse, if it’s time for change. 

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