Breaking Down Barriers Between Women and Strong Financial Foundations with Author Ande Frazier

You know that friend? She’s relatable, warm and funny. Talking to her feels a bit like therapy? What if she had served as the head of a multi-million-dollar fintech company and as VP of a major insurance company? And was the recipient of numerous awards and honors including being named “Top 100 in Finance for 2019″ and “Top 50 Women of 2019” by Top 100 Magazine? That’s Ande Frazier.

Ande is a Certified Financial Planner and author of Fin(anci)ally Free! 11 Conversations to Have With Yourself About Life, Money & Your Worth. Her mission is to help women feel secure in their future and to integrate self-worth and net-worth across generations.

Ande works with women to help them take control of their money by breaking down the emotional, behavioral and societal barriers that prevent them from building strong financial foundations. In this episode, Ande dives deep with us on her experiences about women, money and self worth. This conversation was truly worth a million! 

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