Modern Couples Talk Money with Sarah & Chris Helms

Relationship coaches, and founders Becoming Committed, Chris & Sarah Helms are both children of divorced parents. That simple fact makes them 91% more likely to have their marriage also end in divorce. They have the odds stacked against them, but they are pushing back and are determined not to be another statistic. 

After 16 years together (8 of them married and a toddler in the mix) they are determined to help modern couples navigate conflict and communicate efficiently around what they call “The 5 Pillars” (money, parenting, intimacy, partner personality, and roles). In this episode they dive into…you guessed it…money! 

Sarah and Chris bring a refreshing spin on old marriage values and share skills you can implement in your relationship right away. Their candid conversation about how to navigate financial conversations with your spouse will give you confidence, and might just make it fun!

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