The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is YOU with Author Lydia Fenet

Sales, public speaking, negotiation, rejection, networking. Let’s face it, many of us see that as a list of challenges, if not our greatest fears. From winning a coveted position as an intern at Christie’s, fresh out of college (when no positions were actually available), to snagging the spot as the lead benefit auctioneer for the famed auction house, to creating her dream job as Managing Direct of Strategic Global Partnerships for Christie’s, Lydia Fenet has not shied away from the hard stuff. In fact, her comfort in areas we might find uncomfortable has not only been essential to her success, it’s made her the most powerful woman in most rooms.

In this episode, the author of “The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You” shares stories and insight on unapologetically going after what you want in business and in life, without feeling icky in the process!

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