Lara’s Money Story Update

Lara gets candid with an update on her financial journey. Eight months ago, Lara put pen to paper to get the full picture on her family’s debt. The result shocked her and brought her right back to the feelings of watching her single mom struggle financially when she was a child. The difference was, Lara had the means to live an abundant life. However, the number at the bottom of the debt column made it clear – even high earners can overspend. Lara realized that just because you can afford the payment doesn’t mean you can afford the thing.

Lara shares how she and Jeff quickly went into action, cutting unnecessary expenses, diligently tackling consumer debt, even selling a car that was loved but not necessary. Her candor about her family living beyond their means and making the tough, yet essential shift to correct it will inspire you to examine your financial picture and get into action. 

Let’s make living below your means, and preparing for your future, as exciting a conversation as a fabulous trip, a new car or dream home. Let’s make saving sexy! 

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