Staying Well (and Sane) When Normalcy is Out the Window with Bridgette Binford

We are all getting bombarded with suggestions of what to do during this time – emails with home workouts and posts from friends with pinterest-worthy art projects they are completing with their kids. Coupled with the fact that many of us are working kids home round the clock, and we’re in a global pandemic, this all can be so overwhelming! Let’s face it, even with more time at home, it can feel challenging to get things accomplished or take care of ourselves. In this episode, wellness and productivity coach Bridgette Binford joins us to share some tips for staying healthy and productive through this unprecedented time, so we can feel good about the choices we’ve made once we get to the other side of this crisis. The good news? No, Gwyneth, we don’t all need to learn a language or write a book!

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