The Emotional Side of Money with “Girl, Get Your $hit Together” Author, Lisa Chastain

As women we FEEL more, and that’s not a bad thing. This week we parse through some of those emotions around money with our guest, Lisa Chastain. Lisa has been coaching, mentoring and advising millennials for nearly 20 years, and her #1 Best Selling Book, Girl, Get Your $hit Together teaches millennial women how to own their history with money so that they can boss up and own their futures.  Lisa has also had her own personal struggles with learning how to manage her money and live her most authentic life. From being at the top of her game in 2011 to burning through $100,000 to start her own business and reinvent herself through financial failure and divorce, Lisa talks real life stories and simple strategies and tools to help women get what they want in life. 

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