One Mom’s Money Hacks Lead to Passion and Purpose with Leah Alexander

Less is more. This is a value Leah Alexander has adopted. She was working towards her corporate exit strategy when she recognized her family could make BIG changes in their life, begin to eliminate hefty household expenses, and create additional income by leveraging assets they already owned.  Leah shares how implementing lower operating costs and passive income at home helped do the same for a shelter in Africa. Her ideas of sustainability and her mission mindset will leave you inspired!

On episode 9 of Best Friends Finance Podcast we share the microphone with Leah Alexander. Here is how you can donate to the sustainability of the shelter in Kenya:
1. Go to:

2. Click “Donate” that the top menu or bottom of page.

3. Click “Donate” again on the secure Donate page.

4. Enter amount next to “TrueHope Africa”

5. Select “One Time” or “Reocurring”

6. In the comments please specify “Shelter Children’s Home – Sustainability”

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